VFW Deck Post 3137 Isle of Palms, SC

You spoke with my Mom, Doris Giles, yesterday and I am sending you the photos we took from the VFW deck Post 3137 Isle of Palms, SC — “The Post On The Coast”

My husband is Retired Air Force and we took my Mom, Daughter and two Granddaughters to the Charleston Air Force Base for Military Family Day and the Air Show featuring The Thunderbirds April 8th. My Mom bought the Flag of Honor for us and we were saving it to fly on the 9/11 Anniversary. When we received word of the successful work of our Navy Seals and supporting Military we went to our VFW and flew the flag on the deck the afternoon of May 2nd.

As soon as we flew the flag everyone started taking photos with their cell phones and going to their cars to get their cameras.

If you are ever in Charleston, SC stop in at the “Post on the Coast”

Thank You for creating such a wonderful tribute.

Doug and Garia Wilmer