Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project

The Flag of Honor and Flag of Heroes are created from the names of those who died on 9/11. They will forever be remembered.

As Seen On

Thank you for undertaking such a worthwhile memorial project. It could not have been an easy task. This flag has been given a very honored place in our home and in the heart of my husband, a volunteer firefighter in our home town.”

- Anita McMahon

I am a flight attendant for United and lost friends and co-workers on that horrible day. I continue to fly every 9-11 in their honor. I will proudly fly this flag. Thank you for NEVER FORGETTING because WE NEVER WILL.”

- Christi Filip

We are New Yorkers, and were there on 9/11 and witnessed this tragedy. Our prayers are always with those that perished and those that helped. I am a Navy veteran, and my son was a NYC policeman assigned to the Towers Search & Rescue. When we saw this Flag, we had to have it to honor those heroes.”

- Jerome Smith

I am a proud shipbuilder and veteran; I built the USS ARLINGTON (LPD 24). This flag flies over the ship and also forms the centerpiece of a shadowbox we are raffled to support the Wounded Warriors Project.”

- Jim McKinney

I am a professional firefighter/EMT from Western Kentucky. I hold that day very close to my heart. A part of me died along with my brothers and sisters [who died that day]. Thank you for this memorial.”

- Blair Rudd

I am a commander of Salem Memorial VFW Post 8546 of Salem, NH and these flags are a great reminder of those who gave everything for this great country. It keeps their memory alive and known…”

- Robert Ventullo

My last order of about 15 flags was a big HIT at our Christmas gathering…”

- Margaret Mountain

I was informed of this flag through Fox News…I thought it was a beautiful and patriotic way to remember all those heroes. Thank you for making these flags...they truly are American!!!”

- Elyse Sunseri

My brother is a Lieutenant Firefighter with Mansfield Fire Department in Mansfield, LA. He saw your flags and knew he had to have one. Thank you for making this product so that he may honor his fellow firefighters lost in the tragedy.”

- Eudie Wadkins

My brother is a survivor of the 1993 WTC attack, and I am a survivor of the 2001 WTC attacks. Thank you for these memorializing flags.”

- Haydee Medina

[A friend] was on Flight 11. She was to be married two weeks later. We will fly this flag as a beautiful remembrance.”

- William Yarnell

I work for Wawa #991 in Flemington, NJ. I assisted in hanging the Flag of Honor shortly before 9.11 this year, and I was blown away by it…So much so, that I purchased one for myself. Thank you.”

- Christopher Culberson