Transportation Security Inspectors Present Flag of Honor to Airport

CVG Inspectors Recognize Partners

Transportation Security Inspectors at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) recently recognized their airline and airport partners for their cooperative work in ensuring the security of the traveling public.

The inspectors pooled their own money to purchase a Flag of Honor, a specially-designed flag that contains the names of the victims of the 9-11 attacks, and presented the flag to airport and airline staff during an airport security meeting.

“We need to constantly remind ourselves and our stakeholders that this mission is impossible unless we all work together in a partnership of trust, cooperation and mutual understanding,” said Robert Rouland, assistant federal security director – inspections. “Through this presentation, we wanted to demonstrate to our stakeholders and every employee at CVG that we deeply appreciate all of the good work they do, and to thank them for working closely with us to ensure the safety of the flying public.”

When a Flag of Honor is purchased, the artist agrees to donate an identical flag to a family member who lost a loved one on 9-11.

“We chose to donate a flag to a man whose wife was a flight attendant on United 93,” Rouland said.

Tom Bechtol, Deputy AFSD-Screening and a former transportation security inspector, proposed the idea, contacted the artist who created the flag and coordinated its purchase.

Photo from L-R:
Paul Wisniewski, FSD
Chad Everett, CVG Assistant Director of Airport Operations
Robert Rouland, AFSD-Inspections
Joe Weil, CVG Airport Security Coordinator
Tom Bechtol, Deputy AFSD-Screening
Kevin Coomer, Deputy AFSD-Inspections