Tallahassee, FL 9/11 Memorial

John, here is a few pics of your flag on the beam. I will send you a design pic of what we are doing. Thanks for all you do.
Very Respectfully
Michael Terhune
Tallahassee FD

The first pic is the beam arriving in Tallahassee in August 2011. The next two are the beam on display at the state capital building on 9/11/2011. We had nearly 1000 motorcycles escorting it to the capital, and had represented all LEO, Fire, EMS and military services. We also had a flyover and FSU Marching Chiefs playing the National Anthem. Pretty great.

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Dear sirs,

My name is Michael Terhune. I am a firefighter and Naval reservist in Tallahassee Florida. In 2010 I acquired a 11 foot steel beam from the world trade center which will be placed in a permanent memorial at the Tallahassee Fire Department and EMS dispatch and admin building which is currently under construction. When the beam arrived in Tallahassee in late August of 2011, it was off loaded and one of your flags was draped over it where it has been since it arrived. The beam and your flag has been on display at the Fire Department, the state capital and at Florida State University.
In the final design, a flag of honor is proposed to be draped across the beam in brushed aluminum. I was wondering if it was possible to get the template for your flag with the names.
This would greatly help me in my making this memorial complete.
I appreciate your time and dedication.
If you would like to see the design, I can send you pics of the model.

Very Respectfully
Michael Terhune
Tallahassee Fire Department

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your interest in the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project. We would be happy to work with you to achieve a fitting memorial to the victims of 9/11. How will you manufacture the aluminum flag?

We would love to see photographs of the beam, flag and firefighters from the firehouse for our Photo Gallery. Photos of the model would also be great.


John Michelotti
Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project