Phoenix World Memorial

350 mile trip with 6000 lbs of concrete flag pole bases in a donated U-Haul Truck thanks to Mike Hughes…. 6.5 hours…. Unloaded the blocks at FireUpFreedom… We had slight weight problem with trailer – PU Truck. One week to come up with a plan…. But the diff part of this task is completed… Once again, 350 miles with 3 tons of concrete blocks.

We set up 20 Flag of Honor – Heroes around the 9/11 Memorial…yesterday afternoon with permission from the State of AZ one week prior to our permit. I attached 5 images… I think you will all agree that we will make an impact and get our message out on the 8th Anniversary… “We Have Not Forgotten!”

When I get home…. In the a.m. early on Friday and get some rest, I will send out a NEW Press Release and Announcement – Flyer. I plan to drive at night and get home before sunrise…

And…Almost lost my eye the other day cutting metal for the Badge-Patch Display. Worst part of it was answering to ROSA as to why I did not have one my eye protection…

Mitch Mendler

Mitch Mendler E.M.T. Fire Fighter / Paramedic
President WORLD MEMORIAL 9/11 Memorial and Tribute
“No one is truly gone as long as someone remembers them, LEST WE FORGET”
“keeping the memories alive”