NYC 9/11 Memorial Field – Battery Park, Manhattan

Hi Mike. Remember us? “jacky boy” katie lisa and lesley .

I’ve included some photos of our visit , we just wanted to say again Thank you so much for what you did to make us feel welcome. We have appealed to our emergency services to try to raise money for your visit to Manchester, but I’ve had no reply . I was hoping you had? I’ve even tried to contact Richard Branson to see if there’s anything we can do, we really want to help! but I’ve had no luck there either. I’m really hoping you’ll reply to me so i know I’ve sent this to the right person.

I hope you, your wife, and your son are well . we are all fine but we miss New York so much.
Anyway please let us know if there’s anything we can do,We really do want to help. We’ll be back in New York sometime next year and it would be great to see you before Manchester . Yes we’ll be there. Thank you again i look forward to your reply.

lisa lesley katie and jack

ps the flag is hanging proudly here as promised.