Mr. Frank Buckles, Last American WWI Veteran – 108 yrs. old

I really like your site along with the flag. I already have one, which was signed by my good friend, Bob Heft, Designer of the 50 star American flag, which has flown for 50 years. Bob Heft died last year on December 12, 2009 in Saginaw, Michigan at the age of 67.

I am also a good friend of Mr. Frank Buckles, the last surviving American WWI veteran. Mr. Buckles will turn 110 on February 1st.

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Here is a picture of Bob Heft and myself presenting the Spirit of America flag to Mr. Buckles.
Here is the Spirit of America flag along with the insignia meaning.

Remember our veterans and heroes – They are the true “Spirit of America”.

Dale Hemphill
Designer, Spirit of America flag