LSA Anaconda – Balad, Iraq


In 2005 you sent a Flag of Honor to the 939th Military Police Detachment stationed at LSA Anaconda, in Balad Iraq. It is my honor to tell you that the 939th accomplished it’s mission and brought all 46 MPs home alive to their families.

We offered payment for this flag but you said that that was not necessary. You did however ask me for a picture of the unit with the flag. I promised you that picture and today I am keeping that promise.

We could not get it to you before now because I was unwilling to jeopardize the safety of the Iraqi National in the picture with us. He was lost a short time ago to the war.

Please place this picture of the site to commerate our service, the sacrifices of the Iraqi people, and to remember all the people that were lost on September 11th.

God Bless,