Keep My Memory Alive Project – Phoenix, AZ

To all… Please check out this link…. And the message below. This is how we have progressed… One day at a time, meeting people that help us “to make a difference.” Please forward…the link.

Once again, thank you all for your continued support. This is not an easy task, but we have to do it: Otherwise the tragedy and the personal loss of 9/11/01 will be forgotten!


Dear 9/11 Family Member,
We would like to make a series of mini movies to honor the family members and their personal loss. The musician that made the song that we are using passed away in August and her fiancé, Thomas Powell, would like to assist us with this project. We met Tom in Phoenix at the 9/11 Memorial display and ceremony we set up for the 8th Anniversary. The song was written on 9/11/01. The musician’s name was Laurie Keller.

When we receive approx 100 images we will create the first movie and list the names with that movie and then post it on the web site. We will do this continually until we have all of the images… So, we will end up with about 30 versions of the movie. OK? We will keep a list of e-Mail addresses and send out updates and information about the progress. The list will NOT be given to anyone else and the addresses will be sent blindly via MS Outlook e-Mail.

What we would need is a high quality digital image and a basic release allowing us to use the image for the mini movie. The movie would be posted on the internet and it would be available to all of the family members via an internet download link for personal use stored on a computer or capable of use on a DVD – Television. The movies will be published on the WORLD MEMORIAL’s web site and instructions will be provided on how they can be downloaded in multiple formats.

We have a “sample” movie on the internet that uses the images of the 8th Anniversary Display we set up in Phoenix, AZ.

The movie will not be used to raise money. They will NOT be for sale. The web site is managed and administered by a Federal Recognized Nonprofit Charity: WORLD MEMORIAL.

Please go to this link for the sample movie:

If you want your family member’s picture in the video, please provide an “electronic” image via e-Mail and a basic release stating that the image can be used for the Keep My Memory Alive – A 9/11/01 Project. More info will be provided via e-Mail.

The other idea is to use the movies at the ceremonies we conduct. Please send the release and the image to this e-Mail address: [email protected]

Thank you for your support,

Mitch Mendler

Mitch Mendler E.M.T. Fire Fighter / Paramedic
President WORLD MEMORIAL 9/11 Memorial and Tribute
“No one is truly gone as long as someone remembers them, LEST WE FORGET”
“keeping the memories alive”