Flags of Honor and Heroes – Ali Base, Southern Iraq

Dear John,

OK here are three photos taken this morning at our roll call.Rather then get all the names I will list the units involved.We are known as the 407th ACES/CEF we are a firefighting unit made up of the following components 43rd CES Pope AFB GA,6th CES Laughlin AFB Tx,6th CES Macdill AFB FL,105 CES Newburgh New York (Air National Guard),119th CES Fargo North Dakota (Air National Guard),152nd CES Reno Nevada (Air National Guard)and 180th CES Toledo Ohio (Air National Guard)Lt.Col B.Wham is the commander and Chief J.Cinquemani is the Fire Chief.I think what we are going to do is keep the emergency responders flag in the Fire Dept(its really a tent )and we are going to put the other flag in the Wing Headquarters bldg for all to see.If you decide to post a picture I would like the first picture.Also I would like a favor if possible.Someplace after the photo could you put the name of the woman who took the photo for us?She is a hardworking lady who goes out of her way for the firefighters here.She is the Public Affairs chief and her name is TSGT.Melissa Phillips.Please let me know if these photos are good enough.Once again Thanks for all you do.We know we are all in this together,Charlie

MSgt. Charles Burke


Ali Base, Iraq