Flag Presentation 9/14/2009

Here are a few pictures I took that day.
There is a non-profit organization a good family friend started called Remembering the Brave.

These are the only pictures I have of last year. They were sent to me by somebody that stopped by that day.
I didn’t know they were even taking until I opened my e-mail that night.
Im the guy with a cig in his mouth. I stopped smoking since then. Smoked my last one 1-02-10.
Interesting story about the man that has his back to the camera. He was a Navy Seal and was sent into Afghanistan right after the 9-11 attacks.
His buddy was shot and killed during the operation and the hat you see hanging on the Navy flag belonged to him.
He gave the hat to me and made me promise him that I would hang the hat on the Navy flag every year on 9-11!
I have to tell you some of the stories I here in the field on 9-11 brings tears to my eyes.
I never would have guest how meaningful it is for people by just putting up a few hundred flags in a vacant field.