Flag of Honor on COB Speicher, Tikrit Iraq – Part 2

Hi John,

This photo is a thank-you for the awesome flag and is from my son Tim, who is in the Army and stationed in Iraq. (Tim is on on the left)
He and his fellow soldier of the 3-7 FA are very proud of the flag and asked me to thank-you.
Thank you for all your work on this wonderful flag, it serves as a powerful reminder of all who perished on that sad day in September.
John, I would also like to offer the story attached as a thank you. I wrote it for the one year anniversary of 09-11-01 and would be very proud if you could share it with all who were touched by the events which happened. (It is about my friend Tim and his buddy Jack who are Firefighters)
The families of all who perished are forever in our prayers, as are the rescue workers.
May God forever bless our heroes and their families, and
May we never forget!
God bless,

William Garvey