Flag of Honor – Iraq


We raised the flag you sent and flew it over Iraq. Here are the pictures.


(Full email thread below)

Thank you George and THANK YOU Lt. Velazquez. I hope you are aware of the unyielding support you and all of the US military personnel have here at home. Please know that we pray for your safe and swift return. I look forward to hearing from you about where the photos were taken and who appears in them.

John Michelotti

John – The Plymouth VFW still sends boxes to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan about every 5 weeks. The first box to each soldier/marine gets a Flag of Honor plus about 50 of Jen’s bookmarks. The feedback has been amazing.

LT Velazquez – John Michelotti was the man that created the Flag of Honor. His story of how he came to create the Flag of Honor was in the letter that came with the Flag.

Thank you for your service. We are very proud of you and your comrades.
George Kane