Flag of Honor – Council offices – Heerlen, Netherlands

Dear friends overseas,

After my second visit to New York in two years on August 25th 2012 the Flag of Honors crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
It now respectfully waves at the 7th floor, room 07.29 in of the council offices of the municipality of Heerlen, a town with 90.000 residents in the very south of the Netherlands, adjacent to Germany.
In this very building I was – as many many others worldwide – overwhelmed stunned by the terrible news on 9/11.
And I still am.
The orange top of the flagstaff symbolizes the historical bond between the Dutch and the great city of New York.

Meanwhile I think your goal – to have the flag hang in every building in America – is not ambitious enough. Because the victims of the 9/11 attacks Came from 90 countries all over the world this beautiful Flag of Honor should at least hang in all the buildings in that countries. I will be glad trying to contribute to that broader goal in my own country (however, not knowing yet how to do that…).

Kind regards,
Paul Vanderheyden