Flag of Honor – Balad Air Base, Iraq


It’s me, Matt Singer, Jessie’s husband (she suggested I throw that last part in). I’ve been wanting to fly your flag over here in Iraq since I found out that we were coming. We had heard that flags flown on missions were a popular way of creating keepsakes for people back home, so I’ve flown some plain American flags for the family. But, I figured it would be kind of special to have the Flag of Honor on a mission on the anniversary. It didn’t look like the flight schedule was going to be cooperative for a while, but fortunately things worked out.

The picture was taken at Balad Air Base, where we are stationed. This flag has logged 3.1 hours of combat flight time, mostly over Baghdad. It has landed in the International (or Green) Zone, Baghdad International Airport, and Camp Victory. Fortunately, the flight was uneventful. The aircraft was UH-60A 81 23574, a Kentucky Guard bird. The crew, though, was mixed with members from both KY and CT. From left to right, we are SGT Ken Varble (KY), CW2 Eric Luke (CT), CW2 Tony Villier (KY), and me (KY).

Take care and hope to get up that way when I get home for good.


SGT Matt Singer
B Co 1/189 AVN (Assault)
LSA Anaconda, Balad, Iraq