Flag of Honor and Heroes – “Never Forget”, IMD (HSV)


Just received a package from you this morning, thanks for the plaque with the two coins and your kind words.. What a surprise.. Thanks for displaying them for all to see and remember.

What a surprise and honor for the designers John Michelotti the Flag of Honor and Flag of Heroes and for Gwen Loiacono the Never Forget Flag.

I would like to ask a favor, if you could Email both John and Gwen pictures and a description of where you have them on display, then they could post it on there web sites where thousands of military families visit weekly.

If you ever need additional flags for other sites please let me know and I will send them.


Kelly Broomall
I. E. Capacity Planner

Re: Never Forget


John Broomall asked me to pass on to you a pic from a presentation we
made, highlighting your Flag of Honor and Flag of Heros. The display is
in one of our Boeing facilities, in Huntsville, Alabama.

The presentation was made by my boss, Debbie Rub, VP for Integrated
Missile Defense to the Site executive, Linda Hait. The dispay covers an
entire wall in a common area where much of the work force and much of
our customer base has an opportunity to see this daily. I can tell you
from person observation, your display receives a great deal of
attention, and certainly supports your purpose of “Never Forget”.

If you would reply to this email and provide me your mailing address, we
in IMD would be pleased to present to you one of our coins in
recognitian of your service and sacrifice to our great nation.

Thank you for all you you have done and are doing.

Gary N. Williamson
Director, IMD (HSV)