Flag of Honor – 9-11 Memorial, Rye, NY

City of Rye, NY
9/11 Memorial
Photographer: Wally Carey

I’ve always wanted to get a copy of this poster. I was looking at the picture today and it made me search for it. I found your web site and think I’ll order it, and the flag, after I send you this note and picture.

This is one of my favorite photographs I’ve ever shot. I’ve shot well over 30,000 pictures. Maybe it’s just because each and every name is so dear to my heart. Or, could it possibly be because one name in particular, William Ward Haynes, is one of my oldest and dearest friends. It reminds me of Ward and all those lost. The reflection of the microphone seems to portray that they are all speaking to us from the Flag of Honor. The refection of the beautiful blue sky & cotton like clouds over the field of stars reminds me of a beautiful brisk fall morning. I was on the streets of New York witnessing something I could not understand, franticly looking upward towards the 105th floor, fumbling as I dialed over and over, attempting to reach Wardo at Cantor. He never answered. The reflection of myself shooting this photograph reminds me that I’ll never forget. I’ve tiled this photograph “Never”.

Thanks for continuing to distribute the “Flag of Honor”.

Best Regards,
Wally Carey
Focus Sharp Photography