Flag of Honor – 721 AMOG On Behalf of 21 EMTF/CCE, McGuire AFB, NJ

Dear Mr. Broomall

Thank you very much for your contribution to the morale of military troops all over the world. It was a privilege to display your flag to honor those innocent individuals of the 11 Sept 2001 attacks. Your flag, painstakingly created with love, care, and respect has been met with applause and admiration in our unit. We will continue to display it here at Ramstein Air Base, Germany after we send it to our units in countries such as England, Spain, Italy, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, and Egypt. We want all of our personnel to have a chance to view and take pride in your labor of love.

Thank you again for your contribution to the memory of those fallen in the Sept 11 attacks as well as your boost to military morale. Your gift is a great reminder of why we fight for freedom.


Ross. A. Victor
Colonel, USAF
721st Air Mobility Operations Group (AMC) Unit 3305

Colonel Victor,
John Michelotti,

Thank you. The 1st Healing Field for the victims of 911 was built in Sandy Utah the week of 911 2002 and after seeing it on television that week I made a commitment to build Oregon’s 1st field in 2003. The field in Sandy was built using 3500 flags of Old Glory and that was my intent also. While at Ground Zero in November 2002 I came across The Flag of Honor and knew right away that this was the flag to populate the field I was going to build in 2003 and again in 2004. You have no idea how much this flag means to me and as much as I would like to take the credit for its creation, I cannot. I’m just a Jar Head who got to know a true patriot and now a good friend who did create it, John Michelotti. I met and got to know John in November of 2002 when I got the idea to build the field with his flag. Like I said I’m just an X Jar Head who didn’t want people to forget the victims of 911 and couldn’t think of a better way to remember than with this field and especially this flag. I wish every military organization in this country had this flag on display.

Thanks again Colonel for your letter and pictures and if you would like more flags for your units in England, Spain, Italy, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, and Egypt please let me know and I will send them.

Kelly Broomall