Flag of Heroes – Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

Dear Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes team,

As promised, I am returning the flags that you sent to my fiancee in Afghanistan.

I’ve enclosed 2 photos of the flags being held in front of the Kandahar Airport where my fiancee was stationed.

Also included in the box is a certificate for each flag. All of the flags that you sent over to Afghanistan have found homes with local fire stations, American Legions and supportive people in the efforts to fight this war on terror.

We are very grateful for your generosity and your support is even more appreciated than you can imagine. Again, thank you very much for your dedication to our troops.


Molly McLagan
Gordon Ross

Above: Tycz Firebase, Southern Afghanistan

Above: “It was an honor to fly the Flag of Honor and Flag of Heroes over enemy territory.
I knew FDNY’s Fire Marshall Ron Bucca, having served with him in the 11th Special Forces Group some 15 years ago.
Many men at my Firebase who looked at the flags knew a name or two on them, so they were particularly poignant.

SFC William Norman”

Above: The Flag of Heroes being held in front of the Kandahar Airport, Afghanistan.