Flag of Heroes – Florida

I was given this flag at Christmas time from my sister and her family. I had taken it to a framing company here in town (A. C. Moore) and they had send the flag off to New Jersey to get a frame specially made / matted for this flag. My sister and her family had traveled from Florida to Washington D.C. on vacation and had picked up this flag as a gift for not only myself but for my brother, who is FDNY with Downtown Flushing’s Engine-273 & Ladder-129 company (Dual House). I am employed by the United States Air Force (13.5 years active duty and still going) as a firefighter with Hurlburt Field AFB, FL (Air Force Special Ops Command – AFSOC) and currently hold the title of (Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge) NCOIC of the Fire Alarm Communications Center (FACC). Thank you for creating such a memorable and respected keepsake. Attached are a few pictures of one of my ‘walls’ with your flag along with some other ‘framed’ firefighter items.

Joshua Hanson