Flag of Heroes – Camp Anaconda / Balad, IRAQ

My husband asked me to forward this to you (you sent him a set of your flags – and I ordered one as well).

LT Kip Clayton on the left, from Wyndmoor PA
FF Joseph S. Lamoureux, from Dayton Ohio
Camp Anaconda
Balad, IRAQ

Thank you again for the flag. It flies proudly in iraq, north of baghdad. the photographs i sent you are myself in the helmet and body armor holding your flag with firefighter Joseph S. Lamoureux (from Dayton Ohio), holding the other side. we’re in front of the tanker we have here at station 2. the second photo is me in the cab of the tanker. there’s a third photo too, that’s the dedication of the k-9 facility across the street to a guy who was killed here in june.

Could you send these to the flag guy. i promised him i’d send him a photo. i love you

LT Kip Clayton,WSI/Fire
Camp Anaconda
Bilad Iraq