Firefighter Calendar – Brisbane, Australia


As I mentioned in my original email – there was one person who is a dear friend and has let me be apart of his world of firefighting, and help assist him with a website that assists him selling calendars for the Childrens Burns Unit – he is my friend and my hero – Michael
“Being given the opportunity to work side by side with a firefighter here in Brisbane for the Firefighters Calendar, which helps the Childrens Burns unit and firefighter games – helping not only prmote those thru the calendar but to assist with the design of Michael’s calendar site.

I was able to visit with Michael today so that i could take some pictures FOR him and of him with my new 9wk old granddaughter – Charlee!
I didn’t forget you guys though – and took the flags with me and have attached afew different ones for you!

I’d love if you could add maybe one or two of these if you could?

Talk soon

Trish Kitas