Fire Department – Bagnères de Bigorre, France


I am French and I’ve been a volunteer fire fighter for the past 12 years, ever since 9/11/2001 I’ve always felt so close to All American fire fighters.
In 2002, I was so honored to finally step on the American soil and visited the Randall’s Island Fire Academy located on the East river in NYC.
I’m sending you this email, because while I visited this Academy, they told me how to contact you, so I could get the Flag of Heroes in order to pay homage to all these victims as well as their family.

Franck Cosentino

Thank you so much for the 3 Flags of Heroes that I just received.

Hello again,

As my Captain gave me the Sergeant grade today, I offered him a Flag of Heroes. To my great surprise, my Captain gave the Flag of Heroes to our Fire Department’s Chief: Captain Narfin.
We had a big ceremony with a lot of Officials: Our Mayor, the “Hautes Pyrénées” County Fire department Chief, our Governor as well as all County Fire Departments representatives.
Although I was promoted Sergeant today, my greatest pride was to be able, with all these VIPs, to Honor this Flag with the names of all these HEROES who gave their lives for others on 9/11.
Please, find attached some pictures of the Ceremony we had today.

Best Regards,

Franck Cosentino