Doughnuts for U.S. Service Members – Germany

Email Thread:

Good Afternoon,

My crew members and I designed this event (“Operation: Home Sweet Home – Working Together”) and it would be great to have a honor flag their to have the attendees do the pledge to. We will also bring the flag to Germany with us. Can they donate one to this trip? Or even provide a discount this one will be coming out of my pocket and I am tight on funds as this trips has cost allot to assemble and implement the second time. We will create a press release with web link to your site and feature this amazing flag. We lost Association of Flight Attendants crew members on the United flights.

Krispy Kreme, cordially invites you to be a part of the production of doughnuts and box signing event for doughnuts which will be flown to the U.S. Service members overseas.
Guests will have the opportunity to help sign boxes that will be packed with donuts for the troops overseas.

Shannon DeWitt


Good Afternoon John,

How are you? I just returned from Europe and the trip went great! The Soldiers were very happy. The Flag was apart of our event and specially folded by the Red Cross representatives and brought on the flight. The flag will return to the United States and be represented to the Red Cross. I will have more information soon about what is happening in Europe with the flag.

Shannon De Witt