Camp Phoenix – Task Force Kabul – Afghanistan

I received a flag from you while in Afghanistan and it is now displayed with honor inside the TIKI HUT on Camp Phoenix, Kabul. I have the original flag that flew there from 2007 till you sent me a replacement in 2009. would you have a place for this well worn and slightly battle weary flag.

I didn’t know if you had a place to hang things of this nature I have one hanging in my garage also but I have been trying to think of a fitting place for a flag that has seen 1000’s of troops and celebrates such as all of the managers and owners that came from Carabbas, Outback, and Bone Fish Grill, also Kid Rock etc all that came to the camp and enjoyed fine cigars joined us with this flag in its place which if memory serves me correctly the pictures we sent showed its location within the tiki.

All of us that have returned can honestly say we miss only the comradeship of each other and the TIKI HUT.
Tim Foote is still at the TIKI HUT and is the present KEEPER OF the FLAME, and president of that chapter of the TALI-BANNED CIGAR AFICIONADO CLUB.

In case you don’t remember us here is a picture of (from left to right) COL. Joe Hoffman, LTC Reginald Neal, BG Tim Britt, and myself CW3 Allen (Nick) Nichols standing in front of the newly hung flag.
OK Enough of my rambling just suffice it to say we appreciated your products.

CW3 Nick Nichols
Task Force Kabul
Camp Phoenix

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I remember you well. we posted the photo of the TIKI HUT on the photo gallery of the website. I am thrilled to hear that everyone except Tim Foote has made it home safely. we’ll surely pray for his safe and swift return.

We would be honored to have the flag that flew there. It will become one of our prized possessions and will be displayed prominently. In exchange I’ll send you 10 Anniversary Edition Flag of Honor which I know you will like.

Please send me your mailing address and we’ll get the flag out to you.

Welcome home HERO.

John Michelotti
Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project