9/11 Tribute Motorcycle – Wilmington, NC

My name is Jim Kadnar and I am a retired FDNY Firefighter, retired due to ailments from 9/11. I am very active in many 9/11 events, as you can see in the attached photo, I have been flying the Flag of Heroes on my 9/11 Tribute Motorcycle for many years, it has been re sewed many times along the edge from tattering, but all in all it is time to retire this flag to my 9/11 commemorative wall for good. With the 10th year memorial coming quickly, I am participating in 2 Big Memorial Service Motorcycle rides, the first is called The American 9/11 Tribute Ride, this ride takes place from Shanksville Pa. goes to Pentagon and ends in NY WTC, the weekend of August 19th – 21. The second ride is the International Assoc. of Fire Fighters “9/11 Ride to Remember” from all points of the country arriving in Newburgh NY and going down to the WTC.

I have added a lot more to the motorcycle this year, including all the 343 faces of my colleagues that I lost that horrific day, I have added a custom front fender with a Fire Helmet molded into it with a custom 9/11 front piece, having your Flag flying on the back of the motorcycle has alway’s brought attention and photo’s as well as many tears and remembrance, reflection, and awe, it is the Finishing Touch.

James A. Kadnar
Retired FDNY Lad-54