9/11 Memorial & Museum Fundraising Dinner – NYC


It was good seeing you again last night even though it was brief. I hope I didn’t embarrass you by bringing a few flags with me. Somehow I always find some folks to give them to. I must say that I was initially disappointed after finding Table 80 back in Siberia. But as it turned out, the only other folks at the table besides my wife and me were Tom Hennes and Steve Shaw from Thinc Design. They are helping with the design of and layout of the Museum. We spoke at length about the different aspects of their work and the differing interests with a stake in the final presentation. There are so many points of view I never considered. Our visit was fascinating and we had a wonderful time. Thank you.

Although it is small, our first donation to the Memorial Museum from Boy Scout sales which will be coming next week. We are hoping that our program will grow as we approach the 10th anniversary next year and we will be making more sizable donations. You can see the website at < www.scoutsurge911.us > If it is agreeable with you, perhaps we could put a link to the Memorial Museum and especially the live cameras. Young teenage boys would probably love that.

Thanks again for a great time last night.

John Michelotti
Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project