KTRE: Piece of World Trade Center coming to Jasper for permanent display

By Caleb Beames

A 200 pound piece of the World Trade Center has found its way to Jasper for a future 9/11 memorial set to open on the 15th anniversary.

The flag was transported back to Texas in a trailer covered by the official 9/11 flag, the Honor and Remember flag, the New York state flag, the Texas Flag and finally the United States flag. The piece will be added to the current design that has two rectangular pieces of granite shaped like the twin towers on a base that says ‘never forget’. There is also going to be a granite flag between the two with a timetable on the back. The display will also contain the 9/11 flag, the flight 93 flag, the flag of honor and flag of heroes. The last two flags have the names of those killed in the attacks and post-9/11 military deaths.

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