Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall – Payson, AZ

I was visiting Payson AZ and went to Green Valley to see the American Veterans Travelling Tribute The centerpiece is the 80% scale replica of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall “The Travelling Wall”. Earlier in the day there were ceremonies and speeches. I came later for a more private time. I saw the big picture and I like looking for the little details in a scene that really contain the essence.

The wind was blowing just right on these American Flags. On the left is the “Flag of Honor” on the right is the “Flag of Heroes”. “The Flag of Honor contains the names of all those who perished in the terrorist attacks of 9.11. including the planes, the Pentagon and the WTC.” “The Flag of Heroes contains just the names of the Emergency Services personnel who died in the terrorist attacks of 9.11. including, FDNY, PAPD, NYPD, EMS and Court Officers.”

Our good friend Donna Killoughey lost her husband and our good friend Gary Byrd so this hit real close to home for us. Arizona is short one big-hearted cowboy, hero and father with Gary’s death.

Alan English
Scottsdale, AZ