“Patriotic Rally” – Dayton, OH

Hello John,

Thanks again for your flags and what they represent. I was asked to do a “Patriotic Rally” at the Inter-Church-Holiness (IHC) Convention in Dayton, Ohio on April 18th. As you can see there were several thousand in attendance. The crowd was very moved when they saw the flags. One each of the “Flag of Honor” and “Flag of Heroes” was carried in by a Sgt. from the Dayton Police department and by a Capt. from a fire department in Indiana with “Amazing Grace” on bagpipes playing in the background as they were being carried in. It was very moving to say the least. After the service, I dedicated a “Flag of Honor” back to Wright Patterson Air Force Honor Guard and a “Flag of Heroes” back to the Dayton Police department, and the Fire Department will also be getting a “Flag of Honor”. There is also another picture of Flag bearers holding The American Flag in position with all five branches of the Military flags.
Here a some pictures that were taken of me dedicating a couple flags. I was not able to get pictures of all the “Flag” dedication but here is what I have: One picture is Wright Patterson Air Force Honor Guard in position getting ready to Present Colors, the “Flags” being carried in, also the dedication of the “Flags”.
I want to THANK YOU AGAIN for your help, and dedication to THIS cause of honoring those who died on 9/11.

Thanks again!
Harold Killinger