Lorenzo Lamas & Tribute to 9-11 motorcycle – Sturgis, SD

Hi all, I think I’m losing it because I can’t remember whether I sent this picture out or not.

Anyway, while in Sturgis, Bob and I met Lorenzo Lamas. Now, I feel bad because I had no idea who he is but apparently everyone else did. Just in case you don’t know. He was Falcon Crest, he was in/on Renegade and has done a couple of movies. He attended the Mayor’s ride which we ride every year and was absolutely surrounded by people. Bob kept saying to me I can’t believe you don’t know who he is. Anyway a few minutes before the ride started, the crowd pretty much subsided around him so me being the honest dork that I am went up to him and said apparently you are someone famous and I apologize that I don’t know who you are but I would be honored if you would sit on my Tribute to 9-11 motorcycle for a photo. He was SO nice and I think he was actually relieved that another person wasn’t going gaga over him. So, attached is the picture of us. I had to actually google him to figure out who he was. I have to admit, I like him much better with shorter hair.

Love you all!