Kinsco Public Safety – Longmont, CO

First and foremost I wanted to say thanks to your company for the flag we have hanging in our show room. I am attaching a picture so you know why it attracted so much attention in the past two days.

We hosted a 5.11 Tactical Training Alliance in conjunction with 5.11 Tactical, Trident Concepts and Operational Skills Group. The intent of the two day training is to “give back” to law enforcement for the huge things they do. The two instructors saw our flag display and each REALLY want one. I would like to know what I need to do so I can surprise them and simply send them one. The training for the officers is completely free for them.

The first instructor is Jeff Gonzales. He is the CEO of Trident Concepts. He is a world renown firearms instructor. As a former Navy Seal, he has been to numerous countries around the world, including Afghanistan, helping keep our country safe.

The second instructor is Jeremy James. He is a seasoned officer from the Detroit Police Department, currently assigned to the Detective Bureau. He took time off to fly to Colorado and teach a 4 hour defensive tactics and edged weapon use and defense course.

Can you let me know what I need to do to get two flags to send to the instructors to thank them for their service to Law Enforcement.

Greg Schumann Owner/Partner
Kinsco Public Safety