Flag of Honor at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, WI

I’m sorry about being so late with a report from Oshkosh and some pics (none of which are of me).
We had a great time again at Oshkosh and sold 25 flags to those around our campsite.
My buddy Dick (standing on top of the camper) even bought a new flag pole and mounted it to his new 45′ Featherlite with the flags proudly flying.
Selling the flag is pretty easy if one has the time to listen to your story and that of Ms Hancock in Utah to whom I’m sending the profits from the 50 flag sale.
I’ll be selling the remaining 25 at our Woodward Dream Cruise event this weekend.
I wish you could have come to EAA, it is an incredible event.
Hope to meet you some day and do some more charitable business with you.
If Ms Hancock sends me a thank you for the $500 donation I’ll send you a copy.
Would you be interested in selling the Flags of Honor through a couple of our local stores in my area?
Thanks again for supporting my small endeavor.
PS We even sold a flag to the flag pole vendor at EAA

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What a great thing you have done.

John Michelotti
Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project

Ms Hancock,

I was so moved by your YouTube video on militarytimes.com, that I decided to start a small endeavor to help with your expenses. My name is Tim Petersen, a retired GM executive, who having not served in the military wanted to do something to honor our soldiers. I found a 911 commemorative flag on the internet called the Flag of Honor that honors the victims of that horrific attack. It has all 3000+ names of the 911 victims from the pentagon, twin towers and the planes listed on the red and white stripes. You can view it on their website at http://www.flagofhonor/homepage.html , along with another flag that honors all the first responders that fell victim during the disaster. I contacted the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project founder and flag designer, John Michelotti, and he was kind enough to sell me 50 flags at a discount to resell to friends and acquaintances at two big events we have recently attended, Oshkosh EAA and Woodward Dream Cruise. I sold the flags for $22 with the profits promised to your Project Compassion to help with portrait expenses. The flags almost sold themselves to those who would take the time for me to explain the flag, John’s cause and your fallen soldier project. My friends and I are extremely pleased to send a $500 donation today, to the Wells Fargo account listed on your website http://www.heropaintings.com/aboutpc.html#donations. Thank you so very much for your time, efforts and love that you exhibit in each painting, a most honorable endeavor. May God continue to bless you.

Tim K Petersen


Here are a couple more EAA pics with the Goodyear blimp in the background.
I’m going to work on my neighbor, David Dirven who is the VP of operations of ABC warehouse Appliance and Electronics.
The owner is a true patriot so I think he’ll be supportive. ABC has approx 40 stores in Mich, Ohio and Ind.
They will probably want to make a buck but not too many to cover their end.
He’ll be coming to our Dream Cruise event this weekend so I will have time to convince him to support your cause.
More to come. BTW, I got an email from my frat bro in Texas this AM who is the one that sent me the link to Ms Hancock in Utah and his son is an officer in the military.
He and his Texas buddies ordered 12 flags from me.



What great photos. I hope you had a good time at EAA. Someday I’ll get there.
The flags almost sell themselves once folks understand what they are.
I’d be delighted to have the flags carried by local stores. Have them give me a call.
Thanks again for the support.

John Michelotti
Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project