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Welcome to the Flags of Honor and Heroes Press-Book,

In this section you will discover the articles that were published* since the beginning of the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes project.
It is an honor for us to see the result of our tireless efforts on the front page of newspapers across the nation.
These publications are an encouragement and inspire us to redouble our efforts to distribute the Flags as widely as possible.
In this way we create a national "People's Memorial" not limited to New York, Washington or Pennsylvania.
The victims represented all of America and the memorial to them should belong to all of America.

The press articles are listed chronologically and alphabetically when published the same day.

We value with gratefulness All our long time and daily new supporters who joined the Flag of Honor Project, helping us continue our remembrance project throughout the country and the world.

Alongside all our exclusive supporters; Web, TV, social networks, help us, with conviction, spreading the word out about our project. We thank them for all news and articles they post on-line.

With new info technologies, most news reports about Flag of Honor Project are no longer printed on newspapers.
Knowing we esteem press for their Great support, just like all the ones from individuals, we included articles, pictures, videos and links on our Photo Gallery section.

We invite you to visit our Photo Gallery to watch & read all our Supporters sendings.

The Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project team

If you are a journalist
and would like to run an article on the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes, please contact us

Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project
338 Oliverea Road
Big Indian, NY 12410
Tel/Fax: 203-863-9161

Thank you for your interest in our " PRESS-BOOK "